Industrial Electronic Repair and Calibration



Since 1992 our regular customer base has continued to grow and now includes the following:

Pilkington Glass

Undertaken work for four Pilkington companies including inverters and temperature controllers. A regular customer for more than five years.


A regular customer for over five years.

Jacobs Bakery

Undertaken repair and calibration of process control equipment.

IMI Copper Tube

Provided a repair and calibration service for more than six years.

United Utilities

Undertaken repairs of temperature controllers and other equipment, on a regular basis.

Lift Control Companies

The repair of lift control boards for various installations both industrial and domestic.

Numerous Motor Rewind Companies

A wide variety of repairs to motor drive units.

Facilities and Resources

Facilities and Resources

To enable us to carry out diagnostic work efficiently and effectively, our workshop facilities contain state of the art equipment. You are welcome to visit us and see the way we work.

Key to our success are the skills and the capabilities of our people; especially our Technical Director, who has twenty-five years experience in the industrial electronics industry.



Needing it "yesterday" is a situation is used to coping with. Although we do not have resource on stand by, we have usually found it possible to provide a timely response.

Fortunately, some of our work has less urgency, which enable us to be cost effective and responsive to all needs.

If you would like to know the turnaround we can provide, prior to sending in a piece of equipment, just call us on 0151 546 4373

Tel: 0151 546 4373   Fax: 0151 549 2600
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