Industrial Electronic Repair and Calibration

Isocal (UK) LTD


was formed in 1992 to repair all types of industrial electronic equipment for companies in the NorthWest.

The co-founder of the business, Aliyes Hassan, recognised that many companies who were reliant on electronic equipment for the operation of their plant, were often dependant on responses from the manufacturer's service and repair centres, located some distance away.

It was felt that a local, more personalised, service, responding to the special needs of each customer would be invaluable, a view which has been confirmed by the number of customers who have regularly used for many years.

Satisfaction Assured

Satisfaction Assured

If you are interested in undertaking your work, talking to those who have enjoyed the service can be reassuring and helpful.

When requested, we will be pleased to provide names and telephone numbers of customers for you to contact.

Quality Control

work to ISO9001 - 2000 quality proceedures.

Tel: 0151 546 4373   Fax: 0151 549 2600
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